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Wow What is this?

You can become Vegeta with this suit!

Speaking of Vegeta, it is a popular character along with Son Goku in Dragon Ball.

At first, Vegeta appears as a Saiyan invading the Earth.
With its overwhelming power, it drives Son Goku into a dying serious injury.
After that, when Son Goku goes to Planet Namek to revive the killed companion, Vegeta makes a leap to steal the dragon ball, which is said to make his wish come true.

Vegeta was strong, but he was killed by a stronger Frieza.
Frieza was hostile to the Saiyans and was the one who destroyed the Saiyans.

After that, the resurrected Vegeta marries the earthling Bulma and begins to fight as a companion to Goku.
Recently, for some reason Goku and Vegeta have faced each other in baseball.

He bears the name of his mother planet, Vegeta, and has been a super-elite with high fighting ability since he was born, and his pride is also very high.
After the birth of his son Trunks, he gradually became rounder, quitting the bad deeds he used to do, and showing a family-friendly side.

He is a parent idiot for children, sticking Trunks to Goku's son, Goten, who is of the same generation as him, and when Trunks wins, he is proud of Goku.
He was shocked when he was told that his beard had been stretched out in "GT", and he was terrified by destroying the cars of the men who had picked up his daughter.

Although Vegeta is such a vegeta, there are many scenes where he has to follow Goku, who has almost no reluctance to the opponent of the god class, and in the episode involving gods, the position of a hard worker who is constantly struggling is established. I'm doing it.

Here is a cosplay costume that can be such a Vegeta!

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